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Argentina 6.9¢
Belgium 5.8¢
China 5.9¢
Germany 5.9¢
India 8.9¢
Ireland 5.9¢
Israel 5.9¢
Japan 7.9¢
Malaysia 6.9¢
Netherlands 6.9¢
Poland 6.9¢
Mexico City 6.9¢
Singapore 5.9¢
Taiwan 6.9¢
Thailand 5.9¢
UK 5.9¢
other countries

PNG Travel Card

Travel Card Feature Descriptions

Power Net Global  basic travel card service provides toll-free calling card access from all 48 contiguous U.S. States. All calls are billed to your monthly Power Net Global  statement that you will receive via US Mail.

9.7¢From anywhere in the US-48 to anywhere in the US-48
16.9¢From anywhere in the US-48 to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, USVI
24.9¢From Hawaii, Puerto Rico, USVI to anywhere in the US-48
29.0¢From Alaska to anywhere in the US-48
3.9¢From anywhere in the US-48 to anywhere in Canada
68.0¢From Canada to anywhere in the US-48
85.0¢From anywhere in Canada to anywhere in Canada
  • All Travel Cards come with the International Access activated, meaning you can call anywhere in the world from North America! (48 Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, USVI, and even Canada!) You are charged for usage only.
  • No term requirements
  • Fraud Control - $100 limit as a default - may be changed by calling PNG customer service.